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How does the process work?


How do I obtain a

Medical Cannabis Card?


What is the benefit of having a medical cannabis card?

Medical cannabis card holders can
-obtain 2.5oz of cannabis every 14 days from the dispensary
-grow up to 5 plants at home
-increased cost savings due to lower local and state sale taxes 
-dedicated inventory for medical card holders

How do I start the process of getting my card? How do I book my appointment?

The 1st step is to book your consultation by clicking the Book Appointment button. 


At the consultation appointment, we will discuss your qualifying condition(s). We will begin to develop a relationship by discussing the beneficial effects that cannabis can have in your life. This includes different uses of the cannabis plant and its benefits. At that visit you will schedule your certification examination.

How long will the process take to get my MMJ card?

There is no specific amount of time that the process will take. After obtaining a certification form it is up to the patient to ensure that the online application with the state of Illinois is completed properly. Once all documents have been uploaded into the online application it generally takes 24-72 hours to receive access to the dispensary.

How do I complete the online application?

A link to the Medical Cannabis Patient Application will be provided to you following your initial consultation. Also, many dispensaries offer free support and assistance with application completion. Please utilize these free services for the non-medical portion of the exam.

Are your services covered by my insurance?

Services are not covered by insurance. Each visit is "fee for service", which means payment is required before the visit.

I want to get a card, but still have questions about the process.

Please visit or call your local dispensary. As stated above, the dispensaries often offer free help with the application process to ensure that investing in a medical cannabis card is the best choice for you.

Have a question that isn’t covered here?

Ask us in the Contact Us section and we will be in touch via email.


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