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At Higher Level Healthcare, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized medical care. By continuously evaluating and upgrading our services, we ensure that all patients receive the best treatment for their needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.
We are located at 4809 N. Ravenswood Ave, suite 210, Chicago, IL, 60640.

Certification Examination

Our goal is to provide safe access to medical cannabis. This service includes consultation (discussion of medical concerns) and followed by a comprehensive and fully personalized plan by our physician, Dr. Troy.  To learn more or schedule an appointment click below.

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Book Appointment

Book and appointment with a board certified physician. The $200 fee includes your $50 non-refundable consultation deposit, physician fee, medical evaluation, and provider certification completed on the application website.


Speak to a doctor

Speak with, Dr. Troy, a board certified physician who will evaluate your concerns and answer any questions you have about medical cannabis. All appointments are conducted via telehealth through phone and video.


Receive Medical Cannabis Certification

Once you have been evaluated by the physician and final payment has been made, your certification document will be completed on the medical cannabis website. Within several days you of completing your application you will receive provisional access to dispensaries.

We now offer application assistance follow up visits, and recertification option for those needing to renew their medical card.

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You have questions, we have answers!

How do I start the process of getting my card? How do I book my appointment?

The 1st step is to book your consultation by clicking the Book Appointment button. 


At the appointment, we will discuss your qualifying condition(s) and discuss the beneficial effects that cannabis can have in your life. Dr. Troy will complete your certification document, the doctor's portion of the application, and send it via email after your appointment has been completed. If you do not know if you qualify that can also be discussed during the visit and if you do not meet the requirements only the deposit is required. 

How likely is it that I can get certified through Higher Level Healthcare?

As an Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Troy is able to both diagnose and treat most conditions listed on the qualifying list. Unfortunately, as a licensed physician we cannot guarantee certification during the visit but we can ensure that we will discuss your medical concerns related to medical cannabis and do our best to make sure that your needs are met.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, how can I schedule an appointment?

When you make an appointment a ZOOM link will be automatically be provided to you. Simply download the app and join the meeting at our scheduled time. We will still review any current medications, discuss medical records (if applicable) and medical history.

How do I complete the online application?

We now offer application assistance as a part of our Physician Consultation Package, this includes certification document, application completion and a follow up visit to discuss your progress since obtaining a medical cannabis card.

If you choose to complete the application yourself, a link to the Medical Cannabis Patient Application will be provided to you following your visit. 

How long will the process take to get my MMJ card?

Once all documents have been uploaded and submitted into the online application it generally takes 24-72 hours to receive provisional access (temporary card) to the dispensary. The time between completing your application and receiving  your final card ranges between 30-90 days according to the state's website.

What is the benefit of having a medical cannabis card?

Medical cannabis card holders can:
-obtain 2.5oz of cannabis every 14 days from the dispensary
-grow up to 5 plants at home
-increased cost savings due to lower local and state sale taxes 
-dedicated inventory for medical card holders

What is discussed during the followup?

During the followup we discuss consumption methods, dosing and effects of cannabis with food and other medications. We help develop a personalized cannabis regimen for your needs.

I want to be seen in the office, how can I schedule ?

All appointments are via telehealth on ZOOM

Are your services covered by my insurance?

Services are not covered by insurance. Each visit is "fee for service", which means payment/deposit is required before the visit.

I have a qualifying condition and currently use cannabis to treat myself, but the  process is expensive. Do you offer any discount to those on a fixed income?

We do recognize that obtaining a medical cannabis card can be expensive for those on a limited or fixed income. We do not currently offer reduced pricing for the visit but the state of Illinois does offer reduced application fee for patients on SSDI or SSI. 
Also the opioid alternative program provides low cost cards at $10 every 90 days for patients with chronic pain. Use the contact us link below if you have more questions.

Have a question that isn’t covered here?

Ask us in the Contact Us section and we will be in touch via email.

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At Higher Level Healthcare, we assist patients in obtaining access to Medical Cannabis in Illinois.

Our team, lead by a board certified Internal Medicine physician Dr. Troy Alexander-El, will provide clinical evaluations to adults and certify qualifying patients, which will allow patients to buy, utilize, and engage in the therapeutic benefits without judgement or stigma.

We are looking forward to providing superior access to care. Welcome to a Higher Level!

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I truly appreciate your support of a small black owned business! 
-Dr. Troy

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Medical Cannabis Program

State of Illinois site with most up to date information regarding laws and changes for medical cannabis.

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